joel harris fishing

Pickwick and Bay Springs Lake Crappie Guide

Joel learned how to fish on Pickwick Lake with his grandfather. Joel Harris is a Pickwick Lake and Bay Springs Lake crappie guide and can put you on the fish.  Guiding all year long allows Joel to keep track of the crappie as they move to shallow water to spawn then back out to deeper water until fall. Joel specializes in side pulling. Side pulling is an effective way to cover water and is a very comfortable way to fish. While side pulling for crappie is Joel’s specialty he can also effectively fish brush piles where the crappie likes to hide during certain times of the year or weather conditions.

Joel Harris Fishing is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed. He is a Bay Springs Lake crappie guide and Pickwick Lake crappie guide near Belmont Mississippi. You might catch Joel guiding on Sardis, Grenada, and others on occasion so check with Joel to see.

“Remember To Take A Kid Fishing”


Joel Harris Fishing

14 Oak Lane

Belmont, MS. 38827

(662) 424-2551