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Pickwick Lake is a reservoir and part of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Pickwick Lake runs almost 50 miles from Wilson Dam in Florence, Alabama to Pickwick Dam in Tennessee. At summer pool, Pickwick provides near 500 miles of shoreline and about 47,000 acres of water surface. Largemouth bass are one of the most sought-after species by anglers; however, Pickwick Lake’s greatest reputation is its big trophy size smallmouth bass. There is one secret that a lot of people are not aware of and that is the crappie fishing on Pickwick Lake. Joel Harris has offered a Pickwick Lake crappie guide service for many years. Joel has proven that there are some nice crappie on Pickwick Lake. Book a trip with Joel Harris and chase a few of these slabs yourself.

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Pickwick Lake offers excellent crappie fishing. The lake is big with lots of cover for those big crappie to hide. The many creek channels and stump fields gives Joel the perfect layout for side pulling jigs for crappie. Joel says if the minnow man was counting on him to buy minnows for his crappie guide service then he would go broke. Various types of jigs are used on Pickwick Lake depending on what the crappie tells Joel he needs to use. I have had the pleasure of having Joel as my Pickwick crappie guide and can say the crappie slam the jigs that Joel uses while side pulling his favorite spots. The big slab crappie seems to like the jigs just fine.

Video: Joel Harris Crappie Guide Service on Pickwick Lake

Big Crappie Live In Pickwick Lake

I would say that I was surprised at the size of the crappie I caught on Pickwick Lake with Joel but after seeing Joel’s crappie guide skills in action already on another lake that isn’t known for big crappie and catching several I wasn’t at all surprised at the several crappie over 2 pounds that we caught on Pickwick Lake. The photo below shows just one of the slabs that Joel put me on. I fished Pickwick Lake with my grandfather as a kid for catfish, but the guided crappie trip with Joel was my first-time crappie fishing on Pickwick Lake. It was a great couple days on the water for sure.

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Fishing with Joel Harris on Pickwick Lake

If you are looking for a Pickwick Lake Crappie guide give me a call here at Joel Harris Fishing. Thank you.

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